The BEST Sale Items Right Now (Beauty & Fashion)

We love a bargain around here. And if there's one thing we love more than a bargain, it's a good bargain. Define a good bargain, you ask? Simple: a good bargain is a discounted item you buy because it's actually good (rather than just buying it for the sake of the deal).

Today what I'm going to be sharing with you categorise at (at least in my eyes) good bargains; popular discounted products. 

1. Let's kick off with something so 'add to basket' worthy it's currently on route to my house as we speak. 

Winky Lux set (Review in waiting) - Remember back to when the world was obsessing over those clear lip balms (with a real life chrysanthemum embedded inside) that adapts to your PH levels for the perfect colour match? Yep, those ones. Well, this kit has 2 of them and their beloved shimmer balm PLUS a free makeup bag.

To buy each of these product separately (disregarding the free bag) it would total to a whopping £39. This is £15. Uh-huh.

SAVE: £24

2. Benefit Set (click 'Benefit Set' to see!)
Containing a tanning lotion, passport holder, roller lash mascara, sun beam highlighter (you guys know how much I love this) and a compact mirror and brush. (Not including the free passport holder) sold separately this kit comes to around £50. However, you can get your hands on this for just £32!

SAVE: £18 +



Summer fashion steals - take a browse:



Sumer Shoes:

Annndddd that just about rounds up this week's top sale items, is this something you'd like to become a monthly?

What bargains have you bought recently? Would love to hear in the comments!


6 Tricks To Keep Cool This Summer

Ahhh. Summer. Humid ol' summer. The season of tossing and turning in bed whilst we desperately yearn over a cool refreshing breeze.

We've all been there.

Turning the pillow over to reach the cool side.

Placing the ice cold water bottle on your skin to relieve the heat.

It happens every summer.

It's just part of life. Not much we can do, right?


It may seem insurmountable but we can beat the heat.

What? There are other ways of keeping cool besides the occasional ice lolly? Woah. You learn new things everyday...

How to stay cool this summer:

1. Fans
Let's get the obvious (but extremely effective) one out of the way.
And if you want to get into all the 'science-y' stuff about how fans 'technical-yyy' make the room cooler - go ahead. Although, don't come crying to me when you're boiling your head off in serious demand of some cool air.

2. Face Sprays
There's nothing quite like a fresh, hydrating face spray to sooth your heat drenched skin. And yes, there are other alternatives out there other than Mario badescu rosewater face spray. Like these:

3. Go old school
Who needs air conditioning when you can just go old school? Like flasks, hot water bottles (although not as their name suggests) can keep you cool too. Who would've thought? They will adapt to your cool temperature requirements regarding you put the water filled bottle in the freezer before hand. Quite simple really.

4. Take a cold shower
Ever thought about ditching the warm bubble bath for a cool refreshing shower?

5. Drink. Drink. And drink
B.O.R.I.N.G! But annoyingly H20 is the way to go when it comes to surviving the summer sun. Have regular water intakes throughout the day rather than downing two litres just before bed (unless you're really into them early morning bathroom runs).

6. Relax
Yep. You heard it here first. There is a great reason to drop everything, sit back and relax. Go on. Spread the word.

To keep cool, it's pretty simple really; we need to exert as little energy as possible. To do this it's equally as simple, sit back and let off some steam! 

There we have it, six simple tricks to keep cool this summer. I thought this post was very much necessary through this very long summer heatwave we're experiencing in the UK!

Summer Nail Polish Picks

Summer is the season where we say goodbye to boring ol' neutrals and hello to bright, summer hues. This may seem a little daunting when it comes to makeup, hence why I (and I'm sure most people) find nails a good place to start.

Now, I understand most people aren’t overly fond of physics, however, you’re going to want to remember this equation...


BC (bright colour) + GF (good formula) + RPT (Reasonable Price Tag) = PSP(Perfect Summer Polish)

Too much to take in at once?

Let's break it down.

BC - Bright floral colours. Pinks. Purples. Blues. Pastel yellow is also really in right now.

GF - You're trusty 'cant fault it' kinda formula. High pigmentation. Little to no chipping.

RPT - Reasonable price tag. Do I need to explain?

Once you've got the PSP formula commemorated, all that's left is to find a polish that ticks all the aforementioned elements: that much I have done for you (you're welcome).

Essie Polishes:

Essie offer a colourful array of high quality polishes that *fingers crossed* I've yet to have encountered any chipping with! 

I'm no sidekick but I for sure see these making their way into my holiday bag!

Have you tried Essie Nail Polish? Which is your favourite?

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